Rental Agreement


This is a preview of the rental contract. If you are thinking about contacting Lauren for a gown rental, please read and consider the following agreements first!

Date Reservation Fee - The Amount Due at Signing, is a Date Reservation Fee. Upon receipt, Lauren Iwen Photography LLC will reserve the date and time agreed upon for a try-on session and gown rental and will not make another reservation for that date, time, or gown. For this reason, if the Renter cancels the contract for any reason, all monies paid shall be retained by Lauren Iwen Photography LLC in order to offset it's loss in business.

Description of Services - This agreement constitutes an order for gown rental service and any additional services outlined above. It is agreed to by both parties, Lauren Iwen Photography LLC and Renter, as described above. Renter agrees to pay Total Amount by the Final Payment Due Date as defined above.

Rental - Renter agrees that she is renting the gown and that Lauren Iwen Photography LLC retains all ownership in the gown. Renter agrees to pay the rental fee set forth on the invoice and other fees, damages, taxes, and costs including but not limited to late fees or liquidated damages.

Gown Condition - All gowns are previously worn and some signs of use should be expected. However, all gowns are thoroughly cleaned and inspected after each use. It is Renter's responsibility to inspect the gown upon receipt and confirm that she received the gown in the described condition.

Renter Responsibility - Upon receipt, use of the gown is at Renter’s risk. Renter assumes sole responsibility for the gown while in Renter’s possession. Renter shall be liable for any loss, theft, damage, staining or destruction of the gown while in possession of the gown in addition to any charges incurred for the rental of the gown. Renter must return all rented gowns in the condition in which it was delivered to Renter. Should organic debris be found on the dress, excessive cleaning fee of $20 will be applied. Spills and stains should be immediately treated by Renter to prevent setting. Small rips or other minor repairs will be charged a repair fee if reparable and is not on a noticeable section of the dress. Damage to the gown that cannot be repaired or cleaned will require Renter to pay 200% the cost of a new garment. Renter can purchase insurance for $10 for minor wear and tear: lost beads, stuck zipper, and small rips along seems and hems capable of repair.

Late Fees - Failure to return the gown to Lauren Iwen Photography LLC by the agreed upon date will incur a late fee of $20 per day up to 200% the cost of a new gown.

Indemnification - Client hereby agrees to indemnify, release, discharge, or hold harmless Lauren Iwen Photography LLC, it's heirs, legal representatives, assigns, employees or any persons or corporations acting under permission or authority of Lauren Iwen Photography LLC from and against any liability or claims arising as a result of any injury to the Renter during the course of the try-on session, gown rental period, and the immediately surrounding events. 

Entire Agreement - This is the entire agreement between Lauren Iwen Photography LLC and Renter and supersedes all previous agreements. It cannot be altered without written consent by both Lauren Iwen Photography LLC and Renter.