Photography for business + bloggers

I love working with small businesses and bloggers to create content for use on social media and websites! Please reach out to me if you do not see a package that meets your needs.


Per item

$20 per item
Yields 3 images per item
Minimum of 5 items

Best for: boutiques + small shops


per outfit

Yields 4 images per outfit
Minimum of 4 outfits per session

Best for: fashion bloggers + boutiques



I occasionally accept product for photo trades.

3 photos per product

(Max 3 products per business)

Looking for something a little different? Email me! I'd love to chat and find out how I can serve you in your photography needs.


Add on:

Professional model - $60/hour

Travel - depending on location

Shipping - if you are shipping products to me, a charge will be included for return shipping

(6.3% Arizona sales tax is added to all packages)


Not sure which package is right for you? Here are some scenarios to help you decide:

You're a boutique owner with 20 clothing pieces (5 dresses, 10 tops, and 5 bottoms) and you want two models to showcase your clothing.


Per outfit:

20 items coordinated into 15 outfits
15 outfits x $25 =$375
+ 2 models:  $120
Total $495 for 60 photos

Per item:

20 items x $20 = $400
+ 2 models: $120
Total $520 for 60 photos


You're a fashion blogger with 10 clothing and accessory pieces to showcase this month (2 dresses, 3 tops, 3 necklaces, and 2 purses).


Per item:

10 items x $20= $200
Total $200 for 30 photos

Per outfit:

10 items coordinated into 5 outfits
5 outfits x $25 = $125
Total $125 for 20 photos


You're a mama blogger and you've received 5 products to review.

Per item:
5 items x $20= $100
Photographer travel to your home in Scottsdale: approx $25
Total $125 for 15 photos


You're a small shop with 20 products.

Per item:
20 items X $20= $400
Total $400 for 60 styled product photos