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Milestone Sessions | What to Expect

I LOVE capturing babies’ milestones, whether it’s a six month session (documenting their new skill of sitting), a first birthday session (watching them smash their favorite food), or any milestone in-between! What exactly goes on during a baby milestone session? Here’s a breakdown, from planning to image delivery:

Baby Milestone Session, Sitter Session, Smash Cake Session - Peoria, Arizona | Lauren Iwen Photography

To begin planning your baby’s milestone session I’ll send you a style questionnaire. This helps me plan what outfits to set out, what colors I should feature, props to use, ect. I spend hours brainstorming, Pinteresting (yea, I made that a verb), and preparing for your baby’s session so that every detail is perfect!

When you arrive, we get started right away! Once baby is dressed in his/her first outfit, I turn on some Raffi, get out my favorite noisy rattles, and start getting silly! Mom (or dad) is put on Tip Patrol during sitter sessions. This means you’ll be sitting right next to your baby (just out of frame) and prepared to dive in if she starts to tip over from all of the excitement. For babies who are more stable and don’t require a spotter, parents will be in charge of standing behind me and acting nutty to get the best giggles out of your little one!

I typically shoot fast during milestone sessions and keep things moving along quickly. Babies are unpredictable, and although my sessions can last up to an hour, some babies (a lot of babies) only last 15-30 minutes. I highly recommend doing a cake smash for one year sessions, because it helps keep baby occupied and engaged for a longer period. But, sometimes a quick break with snacks and snuggles helps us get a few more minutes and images out of our session.

A sneak peek of your baby’s milestone session will be posted within 48 hours and the full image gallery is sent within two weeks.

Milestone sessions are SO FUN and having these memories preserved from the first year is priceless.

Baby Milestone Session, Sitter Session, Smash Cake Session - Peoria, Arizona | Lauren Iwen Photography
Fresh 48 Sessions | What to Expect

The first two days of new life are so so magical, but they fly by way too fast. A Fresh 48 Session is a great way to preserve your memories from that special time. If you are expecting a new little one, you might be considering booking a Fresh 48 Session and wondering what exactly it consists of. Well, I’m here to tell you all about it!

Fresh 48 Session - Peoria, Arizona | Lauren Iwen Photography

As your photographer, I would keep in touch with you during your last couple weeks of pregnancy and request that you send a text as soon as labor begins. This gives me time to start planning my next few days around your session and arrange for childcare. Our next communication will happen after baby arrives and you’ve been moved into your postpartum recovery room. I’ll ask which direction your window faces and we will plan my visit based on the position of the sun so we can have plenty of natural light.

When I arrive, I’ll wash my hands and get started right away. I’ll capture photos of baby in the bassinet, on your bed, and in mommy and daddy’s arms. I’ll guide you into simple poses and make sure every detail is preserved. If a nurse comes in during our session, I can document baby’s vital check or first bath. I can also bring swaddles, hats, or headbands per your request.

I know how excited you are to share the wonderful news of your newest addition, so I always deliver your full gallery within 48 hours of our time together. The way I edit my Fresh 48 Sessions will vary a bit, depending on how much natural light was available. A room with poor light might yield more black and white photos and a little “moodier” edit, while a super sunny room might be edited to match the brightness of the room.

It’s never too soon to book your Fresh 48 Session. When you sign your contract and pay your date reservation fee, your due date is put on my calendar so I know to save time in my schedule just for you! These sessions are quickly becoming one of my favorites to shoot. I love seeing new parents in newborn bliss and being able to capture those beautiful emotions through photography.

Fresh 48 Session - Peoria, Arizona | Lauren Iwen Photography
Hanna | First Birthday
Baby Photography - Peoria AZ | Lauren Iwen Photography

Hanna is one!

She was one of the very first newborns I shot…

Her mama, Alyssa, and I go way back… We met in high school 3D Art class. She was a year ahead of me so we lost touch after she graduated. Fast-forward six years, I was a social worker with the state’s early intervention program and I noticed a new intern in the building… it was Alyssa! Oh hi!

I was preggo with my first baby and she and her hubby were planning their first pregnancy, too! We started hanging out at work and it wasn’t long until our babies were both here and we started having playdates. Now we’re both stay-at-home-moms and we have a total of five little ones! Playdates have gotten a little crazy (sometimes we sneak in a quiet playdate while our biggest two are at preschool), but she’s still one of my favorite mamas to spend time with!

Baby Photography - Peoria AZ | Lauren Iwen Photography

I’m always so honored when a friend chooses me to capture their family’s milestones!

PS. Love this tantrum that Hanna threw during her session. If you’ve been apprehensive about booking a portrait session for your little one because you’re afraid she won’t cooperate or will have a fit… don’t let that stop you! I completely expect babies and toddlers to have melt downs while they are in my studio. When that happens, we take a break, let baby play/read/eat, and then get back to business!

Marleigh | 4th Birthday Portraits
Child Portrait Photography - Peoria AZ | Lauren Iwen Photography

Who is this pretty girl? It’s my son’s future girlfriend, Marleigh. She lives next door and she and Everett love yelling to each other over the fence.

Child Portrait Photography - Peoria AZ | Lauren Iwen Photography

When Marleigh’s mama asked me to do her 4th birthday portraits, I just knew I needed to bust out the balloons and glitter confetti. Marleigh is a glittery unicorn party, that’s just her personality.

And like most girls her age, Marleigh LOVES to twirl. I told her mama to bring all of her biggest, twirliest dresses (she didn’t know what I had in store for this session until they arrived.) Everett (four-years-old) assisted with this shoot by throwing glitter and balloons at Marleigh while she twirled and twirled and twirled. “KEEP TWIRLING!” is what we were all yelling from behind the camera.

I think it’s safe to say we all had an absolute blast with this birthday portrait session.

I’m retiring the glitter confetti though. My kids tracked it through every room of the house and we even found a couple pieces at my parents’ house!! But it was SO WORTH IT for these photos of the birthday girl. Especially when I received the best compliment ever: I was told that Marleigh’s daddy teared up a bit looking at her gallery. So that made my day. And I’m still excited about it almost a month later so… * melting into a pile of happy mush * !!!