Best Places to Meet Mom Friends

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Raise your hand if you’re a mom who’s home all day with a baby or toddlers and despite the constant human contact, you still feel lonely?

I’ve been there. Snuggled all day long by little mini-me’s, conversing with them, playing with them, and yet I still felt a void of social connection. I found myself scrolling through social media for SIX HOURS a day, trying to feel like I was part of the outside world.

Then I made some friends. Mom friends. Moms that were going through the same threenager phase as me, and moms who were struggling with sleep training like me, and moms who were still learning how to mom, just like me! LIFE-CHANGING!

So I’m here to give you ideas on where to find like-minded moms and how to get the friendship started.

Target: This is the mom watering hole. Mom’s first outing with her newborn: Target. Mom needs to get out of the house with her rowdy toddler: Target. Mom needs to kill some time before Dad gets home: Target. You cannot go to Target without spotting another mother. When you see her, talk to her. The best way to get the conversation going is to start with a mom-related compliment, “Oh wow, I love your baby carrier! Where is it from?”

Library: Try going to a Baby and Mom class, Toddler Time, or Story Hour. Approach a mom that you’ve seen in class before, “Hey, I think I saw you here last week! Your daughter is too cute and looks to be about the same age as mine! Do you do any of the other classes here? I've been wanting to branch out.”

Preschool: If you’ve got a kid in preschool, chances are you have to walk him to his classroom each day along with all the other parents. Talk to them! “Hey! Where are you and your littlest one headed today? We should take our babies to the library together while the big ones are in school one day!”

Parks/splash pads: Outdoor spaces like this seem to have a magical way of encouraging kids to play with each other (even if they’ve never met.) Bring some sand or water toys that they can share with new friends. It’s the perfect leeway to start a conversation with their mom, “Aw, they look like they are playing so well together! We should meet here again next week!”

Your own neighborhood: Go on walks, meet your neighbors. If another mom is out front with her kids or out on a walk, introduce yourself! It’s not weird. Even if you’ve lived next to each other for years and never met. “Hi! I feel so bad I’ve never introduced myself. I’m Lauren. I noticed that you have kids about the same age as mine!” Easy. Peasy. Lemon-squeezy.

Dance/karate class: Sitting in the waiting room while your kiddo is taking a class is the perfect opportunity to talk to some other adults without distraction. Make small talk each week and start to get to know each other. Soon you’ll be able to ask if they live in the area and suggest you meet up for a library or splash pad play date.

The internet: I met my husband online, so why not meet a BFF online, too!? Facebook groups are a great place to meet friends. And guess what, mom groups aren’t the only place to look. Join interest groups, too! I met my good friend Claire on a local photography group and now we meet for work/play dates!

Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there. Chances are these other moms that you run into are looking for a new mom-companion, too!

Lauren Iwen Photography Target Moms.jpg

Mom spotting on the diaper Aisle!

Start a conversation, “Have you ever tried this brand? I wonder if they would help minimize the blowouts…”

Ask for advice! Moms love sharing their baby knowledge.


Local places to meet mom friends near Phoenix:

Modern Milk in Scottsdale and Gilbert offers a ton of classes for moms, but is best known for their Happy Mom School.

Mini Social in Scottsdale hosts playdates, classes, and mom’s night out events.

Playgrounds Fun Zone in Glendale is basically like a giant McDonald’s play place, but with a coffee shop. The best way to meet moms is to hang out in the “little crawlers” area with your baby because its much less chaotic than the rest of the place.

The Teapot and Luci’s at the Orchard in downtown Phoenix are both cute, fun, and mom-meeting-friendly.