Feeding On-the-Go Must-Haves

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Whether you have a newborn, baby, or toddler… that little one is probably always hungry!

Here are my must-have items to make eating on-the-go a little bit easier, at every stage!


If you are modest, like me, then covering up to feed is (usually) preferred. I love my Covered Goods nursing cover. It keeps everything hidden without fear of a wiggly baby or gust of wind blowing your cover. They also have a ton of super cute prints!

Breastfeeding is a whole lot easier (especially if you’re trying to be discreet) when you’re wearing a nursing shirt or dress. Milk Nursingwear is my favorite place to shop for nursing-friendly attire. If you love dresses, Citrus & Lemon has you covered. They have a whole section devoted to nursing friendly pieces!

For bottle-feeding, I like Medela’s bottles. They come with travel caps, they’re easy to clean, and all of my babies have preferred them (but all babies are different!)

I always have a couple of spit-up cloths on hand (because feeding is messy!) I love these muslin burp cloths because they’re super affordable, soft, and large and these Xoe Wear packable cloths because they have a pocket attached so you can easily fold them up and keep all the mess contained.

Breastfeeding Newborn Nursing Cover


This OXO On-The-Go spoon has been one of my favorite baby items (is that weird??) I do not leave home without it during the baby phase. It comes in it’s own little travel case, so it always stays clean, even if it gets buried in the bottom of your diaper bag.

Amara Baby Food is perfect to keep on-hand for an easy meal for baby at restaurants. All you need is a little water or breastmilk to prepare a delicious and healthy dish. Their products are organic and have a little more texture than a typical puree (it also smells and tastes 100x better than jarred baby food.) I usually have one or two packets in my diaper bag at all times!

For on-the-go snacks, I like Happy Baby pouches. Their purees have simple ingredients and taste delicious (I’ve tried them!) I also really like that their packaging is clear, so you can see what the food looks like before you squirt it out.

Three words: silicone pocket bibs. Easy to wipe clean, collects everything that doesn’t make it into your babe’s mouth, snacks for later if you let the food pile up in the pocket and leave the bib on for a while.

Baby Feeding On-the-Go


If you want to eat your meal while it’s still hot, I highly recommend Yeah Baby Good’s Mama Must-Have Restaurant Bag. It comes with kitchen scissors, a silicone placemat, and a cute little bag to keep it all in. This mom-hack is essential for restaurants, so you aren’t spending 5+ minutes cutting your littles’ food the old fashioned way with a fork and knife (my favorite use is to cut pizza into bite-size pieces!)

These disposable, stick-on placemats are also great for restaurants, so that your kiddo isn’t eating directly off the dirty table.

Have you seen these lids? They are a life-saver for when you are at a restaurant that doesn’t have kid cups!

Last, I highly recommend you check out Busy Toddler’s post about restaurant kits. These have been a lifesaver for keeping my kids occupied when we’re out to eat.

Here’s a roundup of all of my favorite feeding products that can be found on Amazon: