Why I Rebranded

It’s pretty simple really: I had a dream for my photography business and I finally put it to action.

I picked up my first Nikon DSLR in May 2016. It came in the mail the morning that my daughter was born and my brother-in-law delivered it to me in my postpartum room. Those first few (hundred) photos were horrible: out of focus, underexposed, poor composition, etc etc. But, I always felt that I had an eye for photography and I was determined to prove that to myself.

I have poured my heart into learning photography and business:

Dozens of online courses and workshops, in-person shootouts and classes
Hundreds and hundreds (and still counting) of late nights researching and studying photography fundamentals, technique, posing, lighting, safety, editing, business strategy, marketing, and legalities
Countless hours of practice shoots and cheap (or free) sessions

I’ve tried my hand at capturing families, fashion, seniors, couples, and more. But when I started photographing newborns, I knew without a doubt that THIS was where my soul wanted to be.


Those first few newborns were rough (a million thank you’s to those who let me practice), but I put in more hours and more practice and more online courses… and when I felt like I would never get my images to where I wanted them to be and I felt like giving up, I kept treading on.

And now (three years later) I’m here. I feel GOOD about my images. REALLY GOOD.

So it’s time for my branding to catch up. I reached out to Ivy Branding Co. to help me give my business a makeover and, boy, did she deliver (I mean, how CUTE are my business cards?!) And I enlisted my four-year-old to take my headshots (he hits that shutter button like a pro!)


2019 is going to be a great year for Lauren Iwen Photography! I hope you’re a part of it!