Marleigh | 4th Birthday Portraits

Child Portrait Photography - Peoria AZ | Lauren Iwen Photography

Who is this pretty girl? It’s my son’s future girlfriend, Marleigh. She lives next door and she and Everett love yelling to each other over the fence.

Child Portrait Photography - Peoria AZ | Lauren Iwen Photography

When Marleigh’s mama asked me to do her 4th birthday portraits, I just knew I needed to bust out the balloons and glitter confetti. Marleigh is a glittery unicorn party, that’s just her personality.

And like most girls her age, Marleigh LOVES to twirl. I told her mama to bring all of her biggest, twirliest dresses (she didn’t know what I had in store for this session until they arrived.) Everett (four-years-old) assisted with this shoot by throwing glitter and balloons at Marleigh while she twirled and twirled and twirled. “KEEP TWIRLING!” is what we were all yelling from behind the camera.

I think it’s safe to say we all had an absolute blast with this birthday portrait session.

I’m retiring the glitter confetti though. My kids tracked it through every room of the house and we even found a couple pieces at my parents’ house!! But it was SO WORTH IT for these photos of the birthday girl. Especially when I received the best compliment ever: I was told that Marleigh’s daddy teared up a bit looking at her gallery. So that made my day. And I’m still excited about it almost a month later so… * melting into a pile of happy mush * !!!