Fresh 48 Sessions | What to Expect

Fresh 48 Session - Peoria, Arizona | Lauren Iwen Photography

The first two days of new life are so so magical, but they fly by way too fast. A Fresh 48 Session is a great way to preserve your memories from that special time. If you are expecting a new little one, you might be considering booking a Fresh 48 Session and wondering what exactly it consists of. Well, I’m here to tell you all about it!

As your photographer, I would keep in touch with you during your last couple weeks of pregnancy and request that you send a text as soon as labor begins. This gives me time to start planning my next few days around your session and arrange for childcare. Our next communication will happen after baby arrives and you’ve been moved into your postpartum recovery room. I’ll ask which direction your window faces and we will plan my visit based on the position of the sun so we can have plenty of natural light.

When I arrive, I’ll wash my hands and get started right away. I’ll capture photos of baby in the bassinet, on your bed, and in mommy and daddy’s arms. I’ll guide you into simple poses and make sure every detail is captured. If a nurse comes in during our session, I can document baby’s vital check or first bath. I can also bring swaddles, hats, or headbands per your request.

I know how excited you are to share the wonderful news of your newest addition, so I always deliver your finished gallery within 48 hours of our time together. Your Fresh 48 Session includes ten digital images, but upon viewing your gallery, you can choose to purchase additional images or the full gallery. See all the pricing details here.

It’s never too soon to book your Fresh 48 Session. When you sign your contract and pay your date reservation fee, your due date is put on my calendar so I know to save time in my schedule just for you! These sessions are quickly becoming one of my favorites to shoot. I love seeing new parents in newborn bliss and being able to capture those beautiful emotions through photography.

Fresh 48 Session - Peoria, Arizona | Lauren Iwen Photography