Hanna | First Birthday

Baby Photography - Peoria AZ | Lauren Iwen Photography

Hanna is one!

She was one of the very first newborns I shot…

Her mama, Alyssa, and I go way back… We met in high school 3D Art class. She was a year ahead of me so we lost touch after she graduated. Fast-forward six years, I was a social worker with the state’s early intervention program and I noticed a new intern in the building… it was Alyssa! Oh hi!

I was preggo with my first baby and she and her hubby were planning their first pregnancy, too! We started hanging out at work and it wasn’t long until our babies were both here and we started having playdates. Now we’re both stay-at-home-moms and we have a total of five little ones! Playdates have gotten a little crazy (sometimes we sneak in a quiet playdate while our biggest two are at preschool), but she’s still one of my favorite mamas to spend time with!

Baby Photography - Peoria AZ | Lauren Iwen Photography

I’m always so honored when a friend chooses me to capture their family’s milestones!

PS. Love this tantrum that Hanna threw during her session. If you’ve been apprehensive about booking a portrait session for your little one because you’re afraid she won’t cooperate or will have a fit… don’t let that stop you! I completely expect babies and toddlers to have melt downs while they are in my studio. When that happens, we take a break, let baby play/read/eat, and then get back to business!