Ellis Ocean | Newborn Session


So, 2018 marks ten years since high school graduation. I don't plan to attend the reunion (if there is one.. ?), but I had a little mini reunion of my own! Shealin reached out to me shortly before Ellis was born and we realized that we were friends in high school, but hadn't spoken since. How crazy!?

newborn photography - peoria, Arizona | Lauren Iwen photography

I usually try to avoid my former classmates (because I was a dork and assume nobody would remember me anyway), but I was definitely looking forward to catching up with Shealin. It's so fun to see the difference 10 years can make. We're both now wives and mothers. Our priorities have changed from trying to fit in and get good grades, to trying to take care of our little families to the best of our abilities. And I have to say, we're both doing a pretty great job!