Valentine's Day | Mini Sessions


New year, new style!

You might notice a little bit of a change around here... my photography is a little different than it was in 2017.

Last year I was really lusting over the "dark and moody" style of editing and studied work by some of my favorite dark and moody photographers (like Jessica Whitaker.... swoon!) This style worked for some of my sessions, like senior portraits and fashion, but I was having a hard time transferring this style to my maternity and newborn work.

I thought long and hard about what style I was really really drawn to and asked myself what style of photography I would want printed for my walls. A few words came to mind: minimal, bright, and white. I always knew that I loved the IG accounts that had a ton of negative white space, but when I started my own photography business I wanted to stay away from that because it seemed too "trendy". 

But now, I realize that it doesn't matter if other people are doing it (um hello, tons of people are doing dark and moody, too... so isn't that also trendy?) What matters is that I'm doing a style that I really LOVE and enjoy styling and editing. Minimal is my jam. White is my favorite color. This style was made for me.

So here to introduce my NEW photography style.. Valentine's Day MINIS!

This mini session was not open to the public (sorry peeps!) because I've just been so busy with behind the scenes type stuff. But my next mini event will be open to everyone, so sign up for my newsletter and follow me on FB to be in the know.

PS. This adorable pink lace leotard is in my studio wardrobe!