Lauren (That's me!) | Maternity

Maternity Photography - Peoria, AZ | Lauren Iwen Photography

Hi! Now’s as good a time as ever to introduce myself… I’m Lauren! This is my family: my LEO (that’s cop lingo wink), Everett (4), Ella (2), and baby #3 (the reason i’m currently on leave.)

I procrastinated and waited until I was 37 weeks to do my maternity photos (not recommended). I handed my sister the camera, gave her a few pointers, and posed my family as best I could (the kids were a bit noncompliant and we were running out of light.) Despite the circumstances, we got a handful of pretty good shots!


I went into labor just a few days after this session! Baby is already a month old now (I’m behind on blogging) and I’ve been spending as much time as possible snuggling my new little guy while my husband is still on paternity leave.

I plan on returning to “work” (not sure I really consider photography a job, since it’s so fun) in January. Can’t wait to see some new and familiar faces in 2019!!