Favorite Christmas Books | Motherhood

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Both of my babies are little bookworms. They love being read to and I often find them flipping through books quietly on their own. I'll be honest, sometimes I get tired of reading the same books over and over (they both have their favorites that they want to read every night!) My solution is to switch out books every season. I have Easter books, birthday books, Halloween books,... you name it, I've got a kids' book about it! I even have a "Just Going to the Dentist" book that I break out every six months before we go in for check-ups!


Every year we add a couple more stories to our Christmas book collection. I wanted to share a few of their favorites that you can gift to your little ones for Christmas this year!


1. Llama Llama Jingle Bells
This is a fun, short book with silly rhymes. If you're familiar with the Llama Llama series, you know what to expect. Cute illustrations and an easy read.

2. Little Blue Truck's Christmas
If you and your littles are fans of the other Little Blue Truck books, then you need to add the Christmas story to your collection! Ella's face lights up every time we get to the end of this book (and she sometimes tries to skip ahead.) The light up Christmas tree is so magical, especially when we read it at night next to our lit tree.

3. Christmas in the Manger
I love this simple story that tells of the true meaning of Christmas. It's so cute and is appropriate for both babies and toddlers.